About Us

As the leading provider of quality partner dance lessons and events, we understand how difficult it has been to gain access to quality dance tuition through these unprecedented times.

We have developed the Ceroc HUB to provide the perfect accompaniment to continuous learning at home, through comprehensive video downloads and regular subscription based classes.

When classes return to normal, then use the Ceroc Hub to enhance your class based learning, topping up with additional technique, tips, skills and moves.


Your teachers

Lyndsey Bennett

Partner, Swing

A multiple medal winner and qualified teacher for 15 years, Lyndsey’s passion for continued learning shines through in her multi-discipline teaching style. Her technical delivery is exemplar and lesson content is highly enjoyable for dancers at all ability levels.  

Tim Sant-Turner

Partner, Solo, Yoga

Head of Dance for Ceroc, Tim has a wealth of teaching experience. Having studied dance and education all of his life, he knows how to make the challenging seem entirely achievable, and dancers of all abilities leave his lessons with fresh knowledge and new enthusiasm for their passion.

Kieran Moore & Charlie Brownlee

Partner, Solo, SILC, West Coast Swing

Kieran & Charlie are Ceroc and West Coast Swing aficionados, teaching both disciplines and winning awards in both fields. Their dance technique has influenced the current dance style seen today and is recognised throughout the SILC Syllabus. Kieran is also the current Ceroc Grand Master.

David and Val Rokov

Partner, Blues

David & Val Rokov have been teaching Ceroc for nearly 20 years and are also the co-founders of Utopia Dance established in 2007. They bring best in class teaching as a result of their love of blues music and dancing.