Blues Advanced



Add depth and dimension to your blues dancing with these amazing techniques and moves


Enhance your blues dancing

4 amazing blues routines

Watch as many times as you like

In this course you will


Improve on your basic blues technique


Learn a batch of new blues moves


Learn at a pace that suits you

About your dance instructor

David and Val Rokov

David and Val Rokov

Partner, Blues

David & Val Rokov have been teaching Ceroc for nearly 20 years and are also the co-founders of Utopia Dance established in 2007. They bring best in class teaching as a result of their love of blues music and dancing.

Detailed Description

Enhance your Blues Basics with:
— Weight Transfer
— Improvisation & Footwork
— Perfect Lines in Dip and Drop Positions
— ‘Quick Fix’ moves to help you hit those stops in the music.
After you learn “Enhance your Blues Basics”, you will then be ready to learn our 3 routines which can be linked together to create an impressive and smooth sequence perfectly punctuated by stops and improvisation.