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Whether you are a new intermediate dancer, or a long-term advocate, join Tim and Lyndsey for their weekly online Ceroc class!

Split into 4 weekly sessions, enjoy an in-depth teach to a versatile FOCUS MOVE on week one, followed by three weekly routines incorporating the FOCUS MOVE, with sophisticated and challenging variations, growing in complexity week by week. By week four you will have mastered the focus move and have a number of amazing intermediate Ceroc moves to add to your arsenal.

Tim breaks down each move in incredible detail, with tips for the follows from co-teacher Lyndsey.

£150.00 / year with a 7-day free trial

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Detailed instruction for leads & follows

Impressive, smooth flowing routines

Watch as many times as you like

In this subscription you will


Master key dance skills and techniques


Learn a broad spectrum of stylish moves


Explore linking methods to enhance your freestyle

About your dance instructor

Tim Sant-Turner

Tim Sant-Turner

Partner, Solo, Yoga, SILC

Head of Dance for Ceroc, Tim has a wealth of teaching experience. Having studied dance and education all of his life, he knows how to make the challenging seem entirely achievable, and dancers of all abilities leave his lessons with fresh knowledge and new enthusiasm for their passion.

Lyndsey Bennett

Lyndsey Bennett

Partner, Swing

A multiple medal winner and qualified teacher for 15 years, Lyndsey’s passion for continued learning shines through in her multi-discipline teaching style. Her technical delivery is exemplar and lesson content is highly enjoyable for dancers at all ability levels.

Detailed Description

If you have ever wanted to learn Ceroc intermediate moves in detail, and master the techniques to help you freestyle with confidence, then Tim and Lyndsey’s regular class is for you.

Released every Monday, and structured into 4 week cycles, you are guaranteed a professional and depth teach of a versatile FOCUS MOVE on week 1 of the cycle, followed by three weekly intermediate routines that incorporate the FOCUS MOVE, it’s variations, and other exciting, interesting and sometimes challenging moves!

Tim breaks down each move, covering a plethora of top tips for leaders (more than we have time for in a normal class setting!) and Lyndsey discusses how the follow can master these moves, incorporating a number of styling points to help make them look and feel fluid and stylish.

Here is an example of how the four week structure works:

WEEK 1 – FOCUS MOVE in-depth teach.

WEEK 2 – Routine 1, easy intermediate move, FOCUS MOVE, challenging move.

WEEK 3 – Routine 2, intermediate move, FOCUS MOVE VARIATION, challenging move.

WEEK 4 – Routine 3 (Advanced Challenge!), intermediate move, medium intermediate move, advanced FOCUS MOVE VARIATION that will give your freestyle a sophisticated and competitive edge!

These videos reveal the techniques behind the dancing, and explore moves in impressive detail, giving you both the ability and the confidence to master your freestyle.

Each week, look out for the name of the track and the artist, to help you build your own music repertoire!

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