MIST 2 – The Complete Set



Watch an overview of classes that were taught at Ceroc’s awesome online weekender, MIST 2 – FEB 2021


45 videos from Mist 2

Over 30 talented teachers

Watch as many times as you like

In this course you will


Enjoy both solo and partnered content


Learn new dances to compliment your Ceroc


Learn at a pace that suits you

About your dance instructor


Enjoy the wide variety of Ceroc and Associate teachers that came together to provide their expert tuition for this landmark event. 

Check out the description below for the full list of teachers!

Detailed Description

Ceroc MIST 2 happened in Feb 2021 with over 700 households logging on and taking part in what was an epic and memorable event!

Ceroc and fitness teachers from all over the UK presented a sublime variety of classes from their front rooms, both solo and partnered, and for all levels.  They have kindly recorded a summary of their classes for everyone to enjoy via this download.

Videos in this series:

Tap – Zoe Beauvoisin
Lead Styling – Richard Beauvoisin
Be A Pea – Tess Newell
Mindful Movement – Lynn Freeston
Latin Drill – Karen Toko
Morning Line – Leila Nightingale
Burlesque Shivas Regal – Veronika Oliver
Hula Hoop – Veronika Oliver
Mist Ceroc-Line 2021 – Tim Sant-Turner
Self Hypnosis – Steve Woods
Ballet – Rachel Pears
Missing You – Rachel Pears
Rain On Me Line – Ashley Davis
Body Rolls – Barry Watson
For The Love of Line – Barry Watson
Shim Sham – Lyndsey Bennett
‘Have Fun Go Mad’ – Debbie Attwood
Karate – Ad Earnshaw
Musical Theatre ‘All that Jazz’ – Cara Chivers
Find Your Style – Ellen Dacombe
Jerusalema – Debbie Attwood

More Exotic Drops – David Addis
Photogenic – David Addis
Connection Perfection – Richard & Zoe
Elegant Leans & Lines – Richard & Zoe
Less is More – Brett Stewart
Welcome to Mist 2 – Brett Stewart
Cha Cha – Karen Toko
Where Have You Been – Natalie Baker
Hammertime – Adam Deller
SILC Developmental – Kieran & Charlie
Stop Block Roll – Emma Wright
Adrenaline Junkie – Glen Brooks
Tango Part 1 – Marc & Rachel
Signature Supermoves – Simon Borland
Blues Icebreaker – Marc & Rachel
Tango Part 2 – Marc & Rachel
SILC Skills – Caine & Danni
Smooth & Groove – Ashley Davis
Bachata – Barry Watson
Partnered Disco – Lyndsey Bennett
Rock n Roll – Lyndsey Bennett
Collegiate Shag – Lyndsey Bennett
Move Melding – Jamie Eddy
Strutt & Sway – Jamie Eddy