Ceroc Ladies Styling



Here come the girls! 5 of the most stylish dancers have come together to create a compendium of 80 influential style points.



Every technique taught in detail

Beginner to advanced

Watch as many times as you like

In this course you will


Transform your dancing


Learn how to add drama to your Ceroc


Increase your confidence in freestyle

About your dance instructor

Tim Sant-Turner

Tim Sant-Turner

Partner, Solo, Yoga, SILC

Head of Dance for Ceroc, Tim has a wealth of teaching experience. Having studied dance and education all of his life, he knows how to make the challenging seem entirely achievable, and dancers of all abilities leave his lessons with fresh knowledge and new enthusiasm for their passion.

Detailed Description

Whether you’re a Beginner or an Advanced dancer there will be styling in this tuition video that you can incorporate into your dancing straight away. Some tips will require a lot of practice whilst some are very easy. There are also very important tips about things to avoid in your dancing. As a follow you cannot command the movement, so style is the most dramatic way that you can take control of your dancing and make an impact. Style is individual, there is ‘no one size fits all’, and what works for one person is not necessarily right for someone else. Therefore don’t try to learn all the style tips, because some just won’t be for you. Learn the style points that you like the most and start by introducing a few of the easier ones into your dancing. You can use this video as a reference over time.